A continuous assessment approach

Diagnostic testing to see exactly where each student should start. Online tutorials and interactive lessons ensure engagement of each student. Our continuous assessment approach means that we provide day-to-day feedback about the student’s progress.

We offer powerful Student Motivational Tools to keep the students motivated and engaged. Our parent portal allows parents to see reports on student progress in real time.

Key Features

Curriculum, learning and engagement.

Touch Curriculum
Thousands of manipulatives designed for greater engagement and deeper learning.

Personalized Learning
Individualized Education Plan for each student.

Built-in Engagement
Badges, Games, Contests, Messenger, Vibes, Daily Challenges, Daily Comics and more!

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More Key Features

Results, subjects and solutions.

Find and Fix
Identify and fix learning gaps

Proven 2X Results
Curriculum sets the standard in effectiveness

All Subjects
23 subjects from Math to Science to Early Reading to Phonics

Complete Solution
Progress Monitoring, Diagnostic Tests, Assessments, Daily Goals, IEP, Adaptive Lessons, and Test Prep

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Laptop / PC / Tablet with Keyboard

Learning Package

Digital Literacy

Core Subjects

(Math, English, Science and Social Studies)

Career Studies

(for high school students)

Grades K – 8 Fee Structure


Registration Fee: R1000


Registration Fee: R1500


Subscription Fee: R400/student
Special fee applies for Cottage Schools or Learning Centres