Educ8 SA was established in 2017 due to a gap in the South African Education market for students and families with unique needs and circumstances seeking an innovative learning environment.

Today, we have students enrolled all over the country as well as other parts of the world. Students who desire more flexibility and choice are able to design a learning plan to suit their needs.

Our Student Managers and outstanding online learning program, provide students with a world-class learning experience that will help students reach their full potential as they prepare for university and beyond.

Our Mission

Improving Lives Through Learning
We connect students and teachers to world class curricula and resources, helping them reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

Our Vision

Expanding Learning Opportunities
To make quality education more accessible and improve lives through learning.

Our content is presented in an interactive, engaging and effective way. We cater for different learning styles.

Our aim is to produce citizens who are innovative, entrepreneurial, creative and independent in their thinking.

We are making sure that our students are future ready for an every changing world.

Educ8 SA has harnessed global technology and has partnered with the best providers in the eLearning industry to enable a revolution in quality education.

Our solution allows you to monitor your child’s progress as they work through our accredited curriculum, in a safe controlled environment, your home. All you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi.

Up to 250 000 children are schooled at home in South Africa, with the numbers growing at 20% per year, home-schooling is now an important option!

In today’s society, learning is mobile. Adapt your child’s education to suit their needs, as well as yours.