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Students work at their own pace
and schedule exams once our
pre-readiness testing has found
students to be exam-ready.

Exams are written at any Boston
College nearest to your location.
Exam Fees: $75/subject due at the time of booking.


The subjects offered in this course:
  • Math
  • English (RLA)
  • Integrated Science: Biology, Chemistry & Physics
  • Integrated Social Science: World History, World Geography, Political Science & Economics
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What the package includes:
  • Digital lessons
  • PDF Study Guide
  • Bonus Material and links
  • Study Tips and Tricks
  • Typing Course
  • Free Placement Test
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Laptop / PC / Tablet with Keyboard

Reasons to choose GED®

Grade 12 Alternative

Recognised by SAQA (NQF 4)




Includes Bonus Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

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