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Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions are answered in the section below. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.
What does GED stand for?

GED stands for General Educational Development. The GED test consists of four exams designed by the American Council on Education to measures “knowledge and skills at a range of complexity and difficulty levels that are covered across multiple high school grades,” according to the GED Testing Service, which administers the test.

Is the GED equivalent to a Matric?

A GED grade is a popular alternative to getting a matric online. It is a grade 12 equivalency* credential recognised in SA, accepted by TVET colleges and online universities.

The GED® is accepted at many tertiary institutions around the world, and is in fact preferable abroad over the Matric due to the high level of its standards.

*SAQA (the South African Qualifications Authority) has evaluated the GED® and found the  National Senior Certificate as its closest comparable qualification.

The GED® alone is usually adequate for candidates wanting to study at colleges – so you should always check first.

Those wishing to apply to study at university need to first qualify for exemption from USAF.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST check with the universities of your choice that they will accept these foreign qualifications. A matric with exemption or in this case a GED® plus a certificate of exemption is the minimum requirement for admission to a university. Faculties may set additional requirements for admission to their degree courses. Please feel free to contact us for more guidance on this as we know the system and will be able to assist you in getting into a university.

What does the GED tests cover?

The GED’s four exams are designed to measure high school knowledge and skills levels. The exams, and the times you’ll be given to take each one, are:

  1. Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), 155 minutes, including a 10-minute break, which focuses on the ability to: read closely and determine the details being stated, make logical inferences from it, and answer questions about what you’ve read; write clearly using a keyboard (demonstrating the use of technology) and provide a relevant analysis of a text, using evidence from the text; and edit and demonstrate an understanding of the use of standard written English, including grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. Don’t be deterred by the use of a keyboard! Our students are 21 Century Learners and it is important for them to master this. WE have an excellent program that will assist them in mastering this skill!
  2. Social Studies, 75 minutes, which includes multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, hot spot, and fill-in-the-blank questions focusing on U.S. history, economics, geography, civics, and government.
  3. Science, 90 minutes, where you’ll answer questions related to life, physical, and earth and space science.
  4. Mathematical reasoning, 120 minutes, which is composed of algebraic and quantitative problem-solving questions. You’ll be able to use an online calculator or a handheld TI-30XS Multiview scientific calculator during this portion of the test.
Is GED affordable?

Yes, it is very affordable. We offer a convenient payment plan. Only pay for the period that you are on the course. Our package includes a free placement test to ascertain on which level you are at, and then we first focus on rectifying your learning gaps to ensure that you are in fact ready to start the GED course. Read more on this in the “What makes us different?” section.

Where do I write exams?

There are more than 37 testing centres throughout South Africa. We will guide you in booking exams and locating the most convenient testing centre for you.

When can I register?

With the GED program you can write exams all year round. You can also enroll at anytime during the year so there is no particular registration period. This means you do not  waste time waiting to register or write exams. You write as soon as you are ready. Most students prefer to write one exam at a time whilst others decide to study  for all 4 subjects and then write the exams one after the other. The choice is yours!

What makes us different?

We bring you on par to meet the demands of the GED course, by setting up a unique learning program through:


A placement test

You will be shocked if you would see the learning gaps that exist in the education of students. These gaps are missing building blocks that eventually causes unnecessary stress in students and cause them to fail. This has such a negative impact on children, causing them to see themselves as failures and discourage them in further studies. WE CAN AND WILL FIX THIS! We identify these problem areas and fix it. Even special needs kids have been helped by our program, it is just that effective! Your child is not stupid, the child was just failed by the Education System! Let us help you!


Amazing support 27/7/365

We are there for you always. Your child’s success is our success. This is more than a business to us, this is a calling! A calling to make your child succeed, a calling to make your child a winner, a calling to make your child say: ” YES I CAN!”


Affordable monthly payment plan

R1000 registration fee and R500 per month. No contract, no strings!  When you are done you are done!


What do I need to pass the GED Exam?

To graduate test-takers must earn a minimum score of 145 on each test subject to pass and earn the high school equivalency credential. In the event a candidate fails, they may retake the exam two additional times at any time. Should they fail a third time, they would have to wait 60 days before the next attempt. There is no minimum grade criterion to qualify for such a rewrite opportunity but it will attract a test fee.

What happens if I fail a test?

The GED Testing Service permits you to test the same subject two additional times without a wait, and then requires a 60-day wait period between additional attempts. There is no minimum grade criterion to qualify for such a rewrite opportunity but it will attract a test fee. The GED® test score report will provide you with detailed feedback to address the skills you need to work on.


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